Amok Equipment Draumr Hammock

Amok Draumr Hammock

Ever dreamt of comfortably camping in a hammock regardless of which position you like to sleep? Started by three outdoor loving Norwegians, Amok Equipment set out to create a hammock that will enable just about anyone to sleep fully flat—the result is the Draumr hammock.

The Draumr (Old Norse for dream) hammock comes in a small stuff sack and is quick and easy to setup via a system of stowaway suspension straps and carabiners. To make the hammock base perfectly flat, it is designed for use with an inflatable sleeping pad, using an inside pocket to hold it securely in place. The sleeping pad also helps with under-body warmth during cooler weather.

The hammock can be adjusted from a full flat position up to various levels of recline and finally to a comfortable sitting position. This way you can read, drink your coffee, or enjoy a beer more easily from inside your hammock.

Midwesterners and Canadians will appreciate the integrated bug netting that easily zips on to the frame of the Draumr. For wet weather trails, a waterproof tarp accessory secures over the top using a system of guylines.

The $379 price for the Amok Draumr includes the hammock, suspension straps, bug net, and waterproof tarp. You can pre-order your very own hammock until July 1st, with expected delivery by the end of that month.

Apart from the obvious super cool factor of hanging out in a hammock, correct me if I am wrong but don’t most people choose a hammock over a tent mainly for the weight saving factor? At 2.96 lbs for the hammock, bug net, and suspension straps, you are not saving much weight, if any, over an ultralight tent. Throw in the tarp and pegs, and you are now up over 4 pounds.

Thoughts on this one?

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