Fix A Flat Without Removing Your Wheel


Flat tires are an inevitable side effect of riding bikes. Changing a flat is normally a time consuming and painful task for most people—you have to pull off the road or trail, pop off your wheel, and get to work, hoping you brought all the essentials with you. New company Patchnride has created a device that not only saves you from having to remove your wheel to fix a flat or mess with your rear derailleur, but claims to fix the flat permanently.

The Patchnride works with any bike tire—be it road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, gravel grinder, tubular or clincher. Patchnride claims that anyone can operate the tool regardless of experience, can fix a flat in less than 60 seconds, and be back on the trail or road before being dropped.

The Patchnride kit comes with two leak detectors, a patch tool that looks sort of like a finger prick machine, and two replaceable patch pods. Similar to an ink cartridge, the patch pods come according to your bike tire type.

When the leak detector is rubbed over your tire, bubbles form showing the exact puncture spot(s). When located, pinch your tire to create a space between the tire and the tube, then take the patch tool and puncture/twist the sharp end into the source of the leak.

A slider on the side of the tool inserts the repair patch inside your tire to lay on top of the tube—basically placing the equivalent of a dollar bill under your tire without you having to do any work.

Add air and you are ready to continue your ride. Patchnride claims this fix is a permanent solution, so it is up to you whether or not you want to replace your tube once you get home.

You can pre-order the Patchnride now for $30 from the company website.

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