Ten Car Camping Essentials

Car camping essentials

Summer is officially here so time to hit the road and sleep in the great outdoors. Car camping doesn’t exactly mean you can bring everything but the kitchen sink, but it does mean you don’t have to skimp on the luxuries. Here are our ten car camping essentials for summer.

Ticla Teahouse Tents ($300-$375): Camp in style with one of these spacious tents from car camping brand extraordinaire Ticla. The Teahouse is designed with maximum visibility and ventilation in mind, even when raining. The best part? No more prying the tent into a small stuff sack. Simply throw everything in the large storage tote and chuck it in the back of your car.

BioLite BaseCamp Stove ($299.95): Grill up your favorite food and charge your gadgets at the same time. Using only fallen branches or small pieces of firewood, the BaseCamp offers a smart alternative to fossil-fueled stoves, creating an elevated cooking fire that burns smarter than any campfire.

Bushnell Rubicon A350L Lantern ($62):This rugged lantern pumps out up to 350 lumens of warm white light on three different levels for reading in your tent or illuminating your campsite. Simply switch to spotlight mode for more directional lighting. The Red Halo low-lumen mode lets you see in the dark without compromising your night vision.

LuxuryLite Mesh Cot ($199.95): Get up off the rocky and uneven ground with this lightweight and extremely packable cot. The mesh fabric base means you won’t sweat during the heat of summer.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed ($250-$420): No zippers and an integrated comforter make for way more comfortable sleeping outside. The DriDown insulation resists moisture to retain loft even if your bag should get wet. A sleeping pad sleeve secures your bag in place so you don’t slide off or get twisted up at night. Those of you who like to poke your feet out when hot will appreciate the vents at the base of the footbox.

Alite Designs Bison Chair ($200): No need to sit on a log or on the ground when outside. Enjoy the campfire from the comfort of the ultra-comfortable Bison Chair that stands at a height of 34 inches. The lightweight but strong aluminum frame supports up to 250 lbs.

Stanley Cooler ($65): You are car camping, so this means you can bring beer, wine, perishable food, and pretty much anything else for gourmet consumption. The foam lid and body on the new Stanley coolers keep food and drinks cold for up to 36 hours—perfect for a weekend getaway. For your reference, the 16 QT size holds 21 cans.

Cast Iron Skillet:Everything tastes better cooked in a cast iron skillet. Find some recipe inspiration here.

Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow ($40-$45): If you don’t want to bring your own pillow from home, the Aeros offers up a mighty comfortable alternative. A stretch knit outer surface is soft against the skin yet durable enough to be thrown around.

Bialetti Moka Express:The moka pot is my favorite way of making coffee in the backcountry, as it produces a rich, thick brew in a matter of minutes. The Bialetti Moka Express comes in 1-12 cup sizes depending on your caffeine needs in the morning.

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