Fly6 Cycling HD Camera Tail Light

Fly6 Cycling HD Camera

Will the threat of being caught on tape make motorists behave better around cyclists? New company Fly Lites seems to think so. The company created a bike tail light with built-in HD camera that records in real-time what happens behind you, keeping you riding worry free at all times.

Fly Lites was created by friends and inventors Kingsley Fiegert and Andrew Hagen after Kingsley was hit by a slingshot projectile from a passing car while cycling. Watching the vehicle drive off into the distance with no recourse spawned the concept that is now being widely adopted across Australia.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign last spring, the duo realized that it wasn’t completely about making motorists accountable, but also about making cyclists feel like there is someone looking out for them at all times. The bike tail light camera name, Fly6, comes from a combination of “fly on the wall” and your rear or 6 o’clock.

The highly visible tail light pumps out 15 lumens of red light that offers 2 flashing options and 4 dimming settings from 100% to off. Whenever the light is on, it’s recording.

The built-in HD 720p video and audio camera records continual looping video for easy set and forget use. The video is time and date stamped and records a 130 degree field of vision behind you. The Fly6 ships with a Class 10, 8GB microSD card which has the capacity to record two hours of footage before the looping function kicks in to overwrite previously recorded footage in 15 minute chunks. If you want to capture and keep more footage from your rides, you need to get a bigger capacity microSD card (make sure it is Class 10). In general terms, a 16GB card will record around four hours and a 32GB card will record for around eight hours before looping over the first recorded files.

The mini-USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up 5+ hours of runtime. The Fly6 bike tail light camera weighs 105 grams and is compact at 100mm in length.

The Fly6 cycling HD camera tail light retails for $159 and can be ordered from the company website.

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  1. Yeah… I see bicyclists running red lights/stop signs, riding on cross walks forcing pedestrians off the road to avoid traffic, etc way more than I see cars being a danger to them.

    Asphalt roads were created for cars, not bikes.

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