Cycliq Fly12 Front Camera Bike Light

Cycliq Fly12

Cycliq, makers of the Fly6 rear camera bike light, have now got your 12 o’clock and your 6 o’clock covered with a new front camera bike light. For bike commuters, the bright light source helps you ride in all conditions and at all times of the day, while the front facing camera helps any type of cyclists capture and share an amazing ride experience or document that not so great one we all hope we never have.

The new Fly12 houses a 1080p HD camera and 400 lumen front light in one compact and smart unit. Featuring a sleek minimalist design with a battery run-time of up to 10 hours on camera only mode or 6 hours with camera on and in flashing light mode, the Fly12 can capture and store your ride in case anything happens. It records in a constant loop so you don’t need to worry about formatting your device each time you use it.

Want to share something that happened on your ride with your buddies? Using WiFi or Bluetooth, connect your Fly12 with the companion smartphone app where you can review the footage, save it, and even share it on social media.

For all you Strava heads, you can overlay your metrics onto the video footage within the smartphone app. For those that might need some proof of the 3-foot rule being broken, you can overlay tramlines to your footage as well.

The Fly12 camera bike light is protected with nano technology to withstand any wet weather. The device comes with a handlebar mount and 16GB MicroSD card (supports up to 64GB). The unit is GoPro and Garmin mount compatible in case you want to use it in various configurations.

The Fly12 camera bike light retails for $399 and is expected to start shipping around September. You can pre-order now at a discount over on Cycliq’s Kickstarter campaign.

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