Snow Goggles That Stimulate Your Mood

Uvex stimu lens

Certain colors elicit certain moods and changing the shade can change how we feel and even affect our behavior or performance. Marketers most definitely understand this. In their new line of snow goggles, Uvex takes advantage of the effect different colors have on us by providing a variety of colored lenses to match every weather situation and mood.

Called stimu lens, the colored snow goggle lenses not only filter out harmful UV rays and protect your eyes, but have a psychological effect that can be used for specific purposes. Colors, contrasts, brightness or definition influence feelings and stimulate a more efficient and energetic performance. The stimu lens models come in three different colors that address completely different demands–from the relaxed groomer ride to the adrenalin fueled run pushing your boundaries.

Relax–the pink tone has a calming effect and generates a feeling of harmony. In flat light, the color absorbs harsh glare and increases high contrast definition. Every bump is outlined, even in hard light, and every detail becomes visible, leaving you feeling safe and calm. We have all heard the saying, “through rose-colored glasses,” meaning to see things better than they really are.

Alert–when fog and low cloud hit the mountains, good visibility is crucial. The green light increases your awareness and ensures full concentration. The green color intensifies light–the lenses appear almost fluorescent along the edges, brightening your field of vision. These snow goggles ensure you reach the valley floor safely even when weather conditions and visibility are poor.

Psycho–the purple lenses makes good light even better, whether in full sunshine or scattered clouds. The purple tone stimulates your senses, amps up your thirst for adventure to tackle those trickier runs, and heightens your awareness. Purple fires up your motivation and gives you clear vision for riding at top speed.

The Uvex stimu lens line will be available in time for the 2015-2016 winter season.

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