A Stabilizer For Your GoPro And Phone

Luuv Stabilizer

We all love to shoot adventure videos, thinking they are going to look so cool afterwards. But usually when you get home and upload the footage, all you have is a pile of shaky cam clips. The new Luuv Stabilizer works with your favorite handheld digital devices to lend a steady had to all of your videos.

Luuv is a stabilizer for your action cam, phone, or compact digital camera that enables you to shoot shake-free footage while you are in motion. Thanks to a full three axis stabilization, Luuv separates the motion of your hand from that of the camera. Your hand is moving, but the camera is not–the outcome is flowing, steady video instead of shaky cam clips that absolutely no one wants to watch.

The camera stabilizer comes with a variety of adapters to fit each type of handheld device you own. Luuv gives you a recommended counterbalance setup for each type of camera–set it up once and it is set up forever, even if you remove the camera occasionally.

Luuv can be easily operated with just one hand–with your hand around the ergonomic handle, you control the camera stabilizer with just your thumb and index finger. LUUV’s up & down mode offers you new shot angle possibilities by turning the stabilizer a full 180° while filming and to shoot just centimeters above the ground.

You can pre-order your Luuv Stabilizer for €210 from the company website.

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