Satechi Smart Selfie Extension Arm

Selfie Extension Arm

Those of us with larger ape indexes have the advantage when it comes to selfies. We all know how frustrating it can be to hold the phone, line up the proper background, and look good, all while trying to push the shutter button at the same time. Gadget company Satechi has created a smart and wirelessly connected extension arm for your phone so that you can now take selfies like a spider monkey boss.

The Smart Selfie Extension Arm positions your phone up to 3 feet away in order to create a wide viewing angle for photos. Quicker than setting up a tripod or resting your camera on some object and waiting for the timer to go off,  the extension arm connects via Bluetooth to both iOS and Android phones to enable you to take photos by simply pressing a button on the end of the handle.

Folded, the Smart Selfie Extension Arm measures 9.6 inches long, small enough to fit inside your backpack, carry-on bag, or attach via the included wrist strap to a belt loop or backpack strap. Weighing only 5.6 ounces, the device is lightweight for carrying and easy to use with one hand.

To insert your phone, simply pull apart the spring holder and place your phone inside. Rubber grips snap down to protect your phone from scratches while securely holding it in place. An adjustable ball joint at the end of the phone holder allows for 360-degree rotation as well as tilting to various angles for self-portraits, landscape views, capturing pictures over crowds, and various screen orientations.

The selfie stick runs on a micro USB rechargeable battery located inside the base of the handle. The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Selfie Extension Armretails for $49.99 and is available now.

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