Jolt Wireless Charger For Your GoPro

Jolt GoPro wireless charger

We all know how annoying it can be to charge our GoPro—you either have to open the housing, plug in the camera, and then wait for the battery to charge, or remove the battery and place it in a separate charger. Neither one of these options is at all straight forward. Wireless charging has been used for years on cell phones and in the auto industry, so why not with action cameras?

The new Jolt wireless charger lets you charge your GoPro battery while it remains inside both the camera and the housing, all by simply placing the camera on a pad. You can charge up to three batteries or two cameras at any one time.

The Jolt system includes a wireless charger pad and rechargeable Li-ion battery with built in wireless charging receiver that works with your GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+ cameras. To function, you need to replace your GoPro battery with the Jolt battery—they offer the same capacity, size, and shooting time, so won’t disrupt the performance of your action camera.

A glowing LED light surrounding the wireless charger pad lets you know that charging has started and when it changes color, charging is complete.

For the device, Jolt teamed up with wireless charging experts Mojo Mobility. Mojo’s patented Near Field Power technology enables the Jolt battery to charge at a distance from the pad (necessary for when the battery is inside the camera and polycarbonate protective case), charge anywhere on the pad for easy use, and charge multiple devices so you can place your cameras and batteries anywhere on the pad to charge at the same time.

For a $59 pledge over on Jolt’s Kickstarter campaign, you can be one of the first to own the GoPro wireless charger. Delivery is expected sometime around Christmas.

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