Bern Kingston and Rollins Ski Helmets

Bern Rollins

Best known for their brimmed, all season, all action sports helmets, Bern now launches their first ever ski-specific helmets this winter—the Kingston and the Rollins. Using new technology, the ski helmets are lighter and stronger, all while maintaining Bern’s signature low profile and fit.

First introduced a few years ago in skate helmets, Bern’s Zip Mold technology uses a liquid polyurethane foam injection process that provides a better weight to strength ratio in order to build a lighter, lower profile helmet. The brand then took the engineering a step further in the recently introduced bike-specific models by successfully using it in a shell with 16 air vents. Now with the introduction of the Kingston and Rollins, Bern takes the technology one step even further.

The Kingston and Rollins are the first helmets designed with Zip Mold Plus (lighter weight, with a higher strength-to-weight ratio) that incorporate sliding top-vents. Additional features include a premium knit liner that is design-ready for Bluetooth audio-chips and a rubberized backing for no-slip goggle wear.

The Kingston’s ($149.95) vent closure design utilizes an easy-to-operate Stealth Slider Plus on the outside of the shell, allowing you to regulate air flow on the fly while wearing the helmet. Add a wireless audio ready knit with the all new premium micro adjustable fit liner for customizable fit and comfort, and you have the makings of a premium ski helmet for the season.

The Rollins ($129.95) uses the Stealth Slider, a vent closure system which remains hidden and is operated from the inside of the helmet (meaning you have to remove the helmet to adjust air flow). This allows the Rollins to have thinner walls and an even sleeker, lower-profile. This ski helmet also features the same wireless audio ready knit with the all new premium micro adjustable fit liner.

The Bern Kingston and Rollins ski helmets are available now.

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