Fogo Smart Flashlight Does Just About Everything

Fogo Flashlight

This cold be the ultimate outdoor gadget you never knew you wanted–the Fogo is not only a smart flashlight, but packs in a GPS receiver, two-way radio, and USB backup battery among other things. Still not convinced? Don’t worry. After you read this, you are going to want one.

The Fogo features a powerful 1000 lumen LED flashlight to light up camp or find your way around in the dark. This is no ordinary flashlight, however. Fogo features an open OS for developers to create cool apps to control the flashlight. Two apps come loaded on the device already, including a Morse code translator that turns messages into pulses of light.

You can adjust the flashlight brightness manually, but it also works similarly to Petzl Reactive Lighting and adjusts the beam according to your environment and feedback from the accelerometer. The accelerometer can also detect if you have an accident and alert other Fogo owners in the vicinity. The cool part is–their flashlights will act as a beacon and alert them when they are headed in the right or wrong direction.

The built-in GPS and digital compass work to help you navigate in the backcountry, while you can send data, voice or text with the two-way radio smartcap hooked to the base of the flashlight or connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Two 3500mAh batteries will not only power your Fogo, but also charge your other gadgets. The flashlight is waterproof (IPX8 up to 30m), so you can take it under water for up to 4 hours.

Fogo will hit Kickstarter sometime next week, asking for a $200 pledge with delivery in early summer (smartcaps later). Other smartcaps in the works are a dive computer, avalanche beacon, satellite phone, and rangefinder.

So, do you want one yet?

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