Garmin Epix For Handsfree Navigation

Garmin Epix

Another announcement from CES this week–for the first time, Garmin has taken all the functionality of a handheld GPS and packed it into a wearable device. The new rugged Epix GPS watch operates as a hands-free navigator in addition to a traditional multisport training watch.

The Epix features a 1.4-inch high-resolution color touchscreen where you can pan and swipe with your finger to access map details. The watch uses an omni-directional EXO steel antenna with GPS and GLONASS support for a quick fix and accurate position, while also offering the traditional altimeter/barometer/compass functionality.

When connected to GPS, Epix offers the full suite of navigation features (track recording, navigation, waypoint and coordinate navigation). You can also reverse your tracks should you get lost using the TracBack feature, or navigate to a location within sight, but not necessarily accessible due to terrain, using Sight ‘N Go.

Don’t worry if you and the GPS watch take an unexpected dunk in the river, as the Epix boasts a 50m water rating. The battery life will last up to 24 hours in watch mode, 50 hours in UltraTrac mode, and 16 weeks in watch mode.

The GPS watch comes preloaded with a worldwide shaded relief basemap, a free 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, TOPO US 100K on some models, plus 8 GB of built-in memory for additional maps.

In addition to the navigation, Epix offers the full gamut of fitness training with different profiles for running, cycling, swimming, ski/board, and indoor training to record your distance, pace, speed, and calories burned. The watch is also compatible with ANT+ sensors, like heart rate monitors and the Tempe temperature sensor, to record even more data.

The Garmin Epix will retail for $549.99, and the Epix TOPO US 100K version for $599.99, available soon.

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