Wahoo Adds Turn By Turn Navigation


This week, Wahoo Fitness announced a new partnership with phone app Ride with GPS in order to add turn-by-turn navigation capability to the RFLKT and RFLKT+ bike computers. This functionality is a nice upgrade for those that might not want to mount their phone on their bikes for navigational purposes.

When using the Ride With GPS app together with your RFLKT or RFKLT+ bike computer, you can now access turn-by-turn directions through the app in order to get where you need to go or follow a pre-planned route. The even app enables you to download map and ride cues to access navigation offline in no service zones.

The RFLKT wirelessly receives all app data and ride info from your phone (iPhone 4S or Android 4.3 and newer) via Bluetooth Smart. Equipped with control buttons, you can operate the app, toggle between screens, start/stop intervals, and even control other phone functionality such as music playback all from the bike computer. RFLKT’s fully customizable screen enables you to decide which app data is most important to see.

The only kicker? In order to access turn-by-turn navigation on the RFLKT and RFLKT+, you must purchase a membership from Ride with GPS–this runs at around $6 per month. Those who already own a RFLKT or RFLKT+ and anyone who purchases a new bike computer will be given a free one-month membership. Given that many Garmin bike computers and even Strava offers turn-by-turn navigation in their mobile app, this might be a hard price to swallow for the added functionality.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Wahoo bike computers, the RFLKT+ has all of the same features as the RFLKT but connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ Bridge and allows cyclists to connect to all of their ANT+ sensors, regardless of brand. The RFLKT+ also provides accurate elevation data, percent grade and feet climbed via its built in barometric altimeter.

The RFLKTand RFLKT+retail for $100 and $130 respectively. The Ride with GPS app can be downloaded from the app store.

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  1. The Ride with GPS app works great for navigating with or without the RFLKT, been using it for about a year now. One correction – their accounts are $6, not $16. Cheaper than Strava and actually gives voiced navigation…

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