Could You Outrun The Giant Inflatable Orb?


We all have seen videos and pictures of the Zorb–the giant inflatable ball where people climb inside and roll downhill much like a hamster wheel. But have you ever seen people trying to run away from the Zorb? In a kind of Indiana Jones meets Running of the Bulls mashup, videographer Devin Graham captures some amazing footage of what happens when people flee the Zorb. The Zorb always wins.

Snowboarder come videographer, Devin Graham produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name devinsupertramp–he filmed the world’s largest rope swing video that took the interwebs by storm a couple of years ago. His channel has more than 2.9 million subscribers and over 530 million total views. Numerous corporate sponsors have since jumped on board the Super Tramp train, including Mountain Dew, Vooray, and Reebok.

Press play below and see what it is like to be chased by the Zorb in Rotorua, New Zealand. Do you think you could outrun it?

The behind the scenes video is just as entertaining as you get to see just how bad some of these crashes hurt. Let’s just say I would want to be one of the people inside the Zorb.

For those of you in San Francisco, here is your chance to be part of Devin’s next crazy adventure film. On June 21st, the Super Tramp team will celebrate the longest day of the year by transforming the streets of SF into a giant slip & side for some Urban Surfing. The first 100 people to respond get exclusive access to join Devin and tear it up on an insane city block-long run built for everything from boarding to water wings–I really hope they use Lombard Street.

If interested, email Devin at with your name, contact info, and age (you must be 18 to ride the slide – ID will be required) or fill in the form on his website. If you make the cut, they will hit you back a few days before with the exact location and all other details.

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