Dog Fur Fabric And Bars To Satisfy The Munchies

Ibex DFF

The first day of April is a popular time for companies to announce new product releases and summer initiatives. This year is no exception. Here are a couple of our favorite new products from Ibex and Probar.

Finally a way to upcycle the pounds of Lola hair vacuumed up in my house each week–After years of research and development, Ibex created an all-natural fiber made from dog fur. With an office full of furry friends, it was only a matter of time before the team figured out a way to make use of all the cast off hair.

Dubbed Dog Fur Fiber (DFF), one of the strengths of this material is that dog fur comes in a variety of colors so Ibex is able to use the natural palette of the dog fur. It holds odor well even if it is easy to clean (although I am not so sure about the suggested use of your or someone else’s saliva as a cleaning agent).

The Ibex DFF collection comprises the following performance fabrics: Shiloh–This blend of 75-percent German Shepard and 25-percent Husky is the perfect blend for high performance winter pieces. Huskies are great cold weather performing dogs and that performance is passed on to this technical fabric. The German Shepard helps to keep the user focused and alert during winter activity.

MiniShnauz–This is 100-percent Miniature Schnauzer fabric. Like the Miniature Schnauzer, this textured fabric is wiry and durable. These characteristics make it perfect for Ibex’s high performance alpine warmth layers keeping you ready to go at any time.

And finally BS115–Great for casual performance wear, BS115 is a blend of 50-percent Bull Dog and 50-percent Shih Tzu. The laziness of a Bull Dog and the elegance of a Shih Tzu combine perfectly to form the backbone fabric for Ibex’s Live collection. While still being able to perform when asked, this fabric is for clothing that you wear on a lazy Sunday or after a hard trail run.

Brobar Munchie

And one for all of you in Colorado, Washington State and Oregon, the all new Brobar Munchie from ProBar will satisfy even the worst case of the munchies. With flavors such as Jalapeno Nacho, Garlic Grilled Cheese, and Red Curry Crunch, all packed with 8 grams of Brotein–how could you possibly go wrong? Hey Probar-these actually sound kind of good.

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