Vargo Titanium Infused Apparel

Vargo TiFusion

Columbia Sportswear might have a Titanium collection, but Pennsylvania company Vargo actually found a way to put titanium in your apparel. Best known for their ultralight titanium backpacking accessories, the company use the high strength-to-density metal to create self-cleaning, quick drying, and sun protective clothing.

Called TiFusion, Vargo’s chemical apparel treatment uses titanium dioxide and other safe, nontoxic mineral ingredients–the primary components are considered safe by the EPA and are commonly used in foods and sunscreens.

In either sunlight or artificial light, TiFusion naturally attracts water molecules that, in turn, push other molecules off the fabric. This process forces dirt and oils off the apparel, giving it self-cleaning properties. At the same time, TiFusion prevents water from beading on the surface of the apparel causing it to sheet off and dissipate for up to 25% faster drying times than uncoated apparel.

In the presence of light, supposedly Vargo apparel electrostatically removes odors causing elements. This process is constantly occurring and will not breakdown or be used up ensuring constant and long-lasting odor reduction. At the same time, TiFusion blocks up to 97% of UV rays to give you a high level of sun protection.

Vargo’s initial apparel offering includes men’s and women’s midweight short-sleeve shirts and 1⁄4 zip long-sleeve fleece shirts ranging in price from $50 to $80–the TiFusion line is available now from the company website.

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