Ride A Scooter Powered By Your Dog


Forget the electric bike for riding to and from work or running local errands. Instead, harness the abundant renewable energy source of your own dog. Simply hook your furry friend up to the Dogpowered Scooter and go.

The Dogpowered Scooter system includes a beefed-up scooter with a 22-inch outrigger bar and protection screen attached to the side. Your dog is supported side-to-side by a rigging unit or harness, so they don’t need to be concerned with avoiding contact with the sides of the bar–even in sharp turns. Your dog can actually brace and lean on the rigging for support both horizontally and vertically. When braking, your dog can feel the rear pull on the harness to know when to slow down or stop.

You ride the scooter as if your dog wasn’t there–you turn the same as without a dog and no commands are necessary, as your dog can see and feel everything you and the scooter are doing. The dog actually adds to the stability of the scooter.

The maximum rider weight (to expect the dog to pull, and power the whole unit) is 100 pounds more than your dog’s weight. However, when heading up any grade of slope, you always need to help. You generally just let your dog set the pace and only use a slight scooter kick to get your dog motivated.

The company will send you instructions on how to get your dog started. Some dogs might be spooked by the side-to-side restriction but the company says most will “get it” in 1-3 sessions.

The company sells a variety of Dogpowered Scooters but the Serious Dogpowered  Scooter ($725) is perfect for a single strong and fast puller that can be used on both the street and the dirt. With a tire upgrade, you can even use the scooter on well packed snow or shallow powder.

I am not sure how Lola would feel about this but it’s pretty awesome if you have a dog that loves to run.

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