The Resurrection of Fat Chance Bicycles

Fat Chance Bikes

Chris Chance is back. Founder of Fat City Cycles established in 1982, Chance was one of the early builders of mountain bikes on the East Coast. Now, after a 15 year detour, he is back in the bike building business with the resurrection of Fat Chance Bicycles.

Ever since 1994, when Fat City Cycles was sold off and shuttered its doors, Fat Chance bikes have become a bit of a cult classic–there are entire websites devoted to Fat Chance owner communities. Because the Yo Eddy continues to be a favorite of so many riders around the world, Chance decided to begin with the Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance for the resurrection of the company. The first round of Yo Eddy frames will be available directly from Fat Chance and only through the company’s KickStarter campaign.

Based on input from fans, the Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance will be available in two variations: the ‘I’m Back’ Signature Yo Eddy and the 2015 Yo Eddy. The Yo Eddys feature custom drawn steel tubes, trail geometry, your choice of 27.5” or 29” wheels, disc brake mounts, tapered head tube, 12 mm x 142 mm quick release axle systems, and a dropper post compatible seat tube.

The ‘I’m Back’ Signature Yo Eddy frames will be limited to a production run of 100 frames. The frame will include a rigid Yo Eddy fork, unique head badge, will be hand signed, feature a unique colorway and special decals. These frames will only be available through the KickStarter campaign and will never be reproduced again.

The 2015 Yo Eddy frames will be the first 150 frames of the company’s 2015 production run. They will have all of the modern Yo Eddy features listed above, but will not have the ‘I’m Back’ Signature Yo Eddy special attributes. This batch of 150 frames will only be available through the KickStarter campaign and may be the only 2015 Yo Eddy frames released for 2015. They will be available in four solid color choices: Team Green – “Grello”,  Team Purple – Lavender, Black, or Arrest Me Red.

Chance received many offers from investors to bring Fat Chance bikes back to market quickly and cheaply–but that’s not why he is back. His goal is to continue making great bikes and to find new ways to enhance the experience of riding them. That’s why he has turned to his fans in order to crowdfund the project and begin making frames again. We were lucky enough to run into Chance at A Bicycle Odyssey in Sausalito and have a look at the new Yo Eddy models–they are pretty sweet.

With rewards starting at $1000 and up, you can be one of the proud owners of a signature and possibly limited edition Fat Chance Yo Eddy bike. Welcome back Chris Chance!

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