Origami Comes To Expedition Kayaking

Coast origami kayak

Following on their popular Bay origami kayak launch in 2012, Oru Kayak returns to Kickstarter with an expedition version–the Coast and Coast+. Measuring 16′ long and engineered for rough water and multi-day trips, these kayaks are built to bring on the plane or throw in the back of your car for a weekend backcountry adventure.

The Coast is an expedition kayak, 4 feet longer than the original 12′ models. This makes it considerably faster and more efficient to paddle with a longer waterline that helps the boat fly across the water. The kayak also offers more stability and a lot more space inside to pack gear or stretch your legs. The Coast weighs in at just 31 pounds–5 pounds heavier than the Bay model.

Oru Kayak

Made in California, all Oru Kayaks use patented origami technology to fold into compact boxes and take under 10 minutes to unfold and setup. The box becomes the hull and deck of the kayak, with several key parts permanently attached to the hull/deck. The Oru Kayak box holds all the loose components, and can also fit a paddle, PFD (personal flotation device), and other accessories.

The Coast+ offers all of the features of the Coast plus more, including ratchet buckles for easy assembly, an ergonomic seat for long paddles, thigh braces for control and comfort, full decklines and rigging for storage and rescues, and a folding hatch for gear storage.

In just over a day, the company smashed their Kickstarter goal so you know the project will get funded. For $1650, you can own the Coast origami kayak, with $2100 for the Coast+. Expected delivery is August 2015.

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