A Portable Shower For The Beach, Camp, Or Trailhead


What could be better than having your own personal shower stored in the back of the car in order to rinse you and your dog off at the beach, get the mud off your bike after that epic ride, or take a quick shower when car camping for the weekend. RinseKit lets you port 2 gallons of pressurized water just about anywhere you go on your next outdoor adventure.

California surfer Chris Crawford started RinseKit after getting tired of transporting salty, sandy gear in his car in order to get back home before he could clean up. He thought there had to be something better than pouring a jug of water over his wetsuit.

So how does it work? RinseKit captures the water pressure from your home water spigot and stores up to two gallons until you need it. Using a quick connect couple, the hose attaches to your home water supply and fills the two gallon eon pressure chamber with approximately 65 psi of water pressure (standard home pressure) in just 20 seconds time. When you are ready to rinse, simply squeeze the attached spray nozzle and high pressure water sprays out through one of 7 different nozzle settings.

RinseKit can hold pressure for up to one month, and as it is insulted, can be filled with either hot or cold water and maintain temperature for hours. RinseKit will give you around 4 minutes of pressurized spray, depending on the pressure of your home water spigot (i.e., don’t expect a long, luxurious camp shower). In order to refill the system using still water from something like a lake, the company hopes to offer a Field Fill Kit in the near future that enables you to quickly pressurize the system using a standard bike pump. The company also plans to release an accessory heater that plugs into your car A/C adapter that will allow you to heat up the water.

RinseKit weighs 24 pounds when it’s full of water–9 pounds when empty–so not too heavy to transport to the beach. As the water is pressurized, you could argue it is more efficient than simply pouring water on your gear in order to get everything clean.

RinseKit retails for $89.99 and is available now.

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