Gear For Breakfast at The Beach

Beach Breakfast

Lola loves the beach, so every once in awhile we like to pack up some food and head down to Muir or Stinson Beach for a meal. We get to cook and relax while she gets to run, dig, and generally be a punk. As summer is still hanging around here in the Bay, we headed down to Muir beach last weekend to enjoy some sunshine and breakfast. Here is the gear that makes it all possible.

Alite Designs Meadow Mat Waterproof Blanket: This lightweight, durable blanket protects you and your gear from the wet, muddy, or sandy ground beneath. On windy days, built-in corner loops enable you to stake down the blanket. When you get home, simply rinse it off and it’s as good as new.

Yeti Hopper Flip 12: Lightweight and easy to carry, this soft-sided cooler is big enough to store your food and drink for the day. I took this cooler on my cross country road trip this summer, loaded it up with food to eat along the way, and it was still cold by the time I reached the Midwest. The Yeti Ice accessory fits perfectly inside the cooler and easy to pop back in the freezer once you get home — there is no need to fill up your cooler with ice that will eventually just get everything wet.

Hydro Flask Food Flask: On the menu for our beach adventure was breakfast burritos. At home, I dumped some eggs and chopped up red and green peppers into this stainless steel, vacuum-insulated flask. Once I got to the beach, all I had to do was shake it up and pour the ingredients into the pan to cook. I fried up some pre-cooked sausage alongside the eggs, assembled everything together in tortillas, added a bit of cheese and salsa, and breakfast was ready.

Espro Travel Mug: This travel mug comes with a micro-filter plunger basket for brewing loose-leaf tea on the go. All you have to do is pour in boiling water, add your favorite loose leaf tea to the basket, then let it steep. After throwing the ball for Lola a few times, the tea was ready.


MSR Ceramic Flex Skillet: Cooking eggs (or pancakes) on a camp stove is tricky unless you have a non-stick pan. This new line from MSR ditches the Teflon in favor of more eco-friendly natural ceramic. Keep an eye out for the ceramic cookware in 2017.

MSR Pocket Rocket 2: No need to get all fancy for breakfast at the beach–a simple canister stove and skillet will do. The new Pocket Rocket 2 is super lightweight and the pot supports fold down so the whole thing literally fits in your pocket. Another 2017 product to watch.

Therm-a-Rest Treo and Quadra Chairs: Super packable and quick to assemble, these chairs were easy to throw in the beach bag so we didn’t have to sit on the ground — good for keeping the food out of reach from Lola as we eat. The sturdy legs dig into the sand to make a super stable platform.

RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower: Anyone who owns a beach loving dog knows they are a MESS by the time you are ready to head home. To save our car and our sanity, we bring the RinseKit to hose Lola off before she is allowed to get back in the car. We also hose off our own feet and any sandy gear. You get up to three minutes of pressurized water out of the 2-gallon tank — the nozzle features seven different settings. You can either fill up the chamber directly from your home sink or outdoor hose spigot — it uses the pressure in your home system to create pressure inside the RinseKit reservoir. Plenty of surfers looked on enviously as they shoved their sandy, salty gear and selves back in their cars.

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