Spotify Plans To Make You Run Faster

Spotify Run

Studies have shown that running to music can make you go faster and farther. We all know that awesome feeling of running to just the right song. But in order for that motivation not to wear off, picking the right type of music is important. So, instead of trolling through your iTunes library to try and put together a running playlist, Spotify wants to play running DJ for you.

At a press event earlier this week, Spotify revealed the new running feature in their mobile app. Using the sensors in your phone, Spotify can now detect your running pace and deliver music with a matching tempo. If you speed up or slow down a bit, Spotify will find the right music again and again, for the entire length of your run.

Taking on the Netflix approach to content, Spotify has even gone so far as to work with musicians to create running specific tracks for their app. To achieve that runner’s high feeling throughout your entire run, these new tracks will actually adjust mid-song, where the composition itself seems to rearrange to fit your current pace. Spotify has so far created six different music experiences for you to choose from on your next run.

For those of you that run with Nike+ or RunKeeper, Spotify plans to integrate with those two apps later this year.

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