How To Take A Hot Shower Outdoors


Last week, portable shower maker RinseKit launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Heater Accessory, meaning you can now take a hot shower almost anywhere with the flip of a switch. Imagine the luxury of a hot shower on your next camping trip or day at the beach.

If you recall, The RinseKit design works by storing the water pressure from your home for later use. As the water pressure from your hose spigot enters the RinseKit, it compresses the air in the chamber. When you close the valve, that pressure is trapped and acts like a spring to force water through the 6-foot hose and out of the nozzle. If you don’t have access to a hose, RinseKit offers a sink ($15) and now even a bike pump ($45) adapter to get pressurized water in the field.

The system takes 30-seconds to fill 2 gallons with your hose and delivers up to 5 minutes of shower goodness. No pumping and no batteries required. The lid detaches so you can use it to stand on when showering or even as a cutting board at camp.

The new Heat Accessory includes a heating probe that drops into the tank and runs off an external rechargeable battery (charged from the mains or from your car). The probe quickly heats the water to 100 degrees with the flip of a switch, and a USB port on the battery means you can charge your phone at the same time. RinseKit’s insulated two-gallon water chamber will keep the water warm for hours.

Personally, I see this as the best solution for washing Lola outdoors. I feel awful washing her in cold hose water and it’s not so easy to get all 60 pounds of her downstairs to the tub. Not to mention the mess. And you can bet I would bring one of these on any road trip. Sleep in the back of the Subaru and wake up to hot coffee and a hot shower. Nice.

If you already own a RinseKit, you can pre-order the Heater Accessory for $119 with expected delivery in October. If you don’t own one yet, you can pre-order both for $199.

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