Search and State Aloha Jersey

Search and State Aloha

Yesterday, Search and State released their first-ever print apparel, the S1-Aloha men’s bike jersey. A limited edition custom print for summer, the Hawaiian vibes jersey is constructed with the same fabric and silhouette as the classic, three-pocket S1-A.

Search and State is best known for their dark, urban inspired, minimalist aesthetic. But just in time for summer, the brand thought perhaps it was time to try something a little different and lighten up a bit. Only for summer of course and with no intention of abandoning the core collection.

Similar to the S1-A, the limited edition S1-Aloha was designed in New York, manufactured in New York, and printed in the USA on domestically sourced fabric. The Hawaiian jersey uses a breathable, two-toned, quick-drying microbial fabric made exclusively for the company, with an Italian Riri zipper along the front, and a classic three-pocket configuration in the back. Grippers along the waist keep the jersey from inching up as you ride.

For the past few weeks, the company created quite a fervor on social media about the S1-Aloha launch. And for good reason. Imagine how cool you will look bombing back to the trailhead or rolling up to the brewery for that après beer. This would also make a pretty awesome cyclocross jersey.

The S1-Aloha bike jersey retails for $155 and is available from the company website.

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