Gear For Racing The Breck Epic

Boreas Pass
Happy to be on top of Boreas Pass.

Much of your happiness during the Breck Epic hinges on choosing the right gear. Below you will find my setup for everything from my bike, Marge, to my apparel. Click on the information button to get more details of each item or component.

First up, the bike:

Next up, the gear I carried on the bike:

Finally, my apparel:

  1. The top picture has you wearing Castelli jersey and not the Pearl Izumi shown in the bottom picture. Which did you wear and which do you prefer and why?

    1. Hi Yonadav! I wore a different kit every day of the race as I knew I wouldn’t have time to do laundry. I wore the Breck Epic Castelli jersey the last day and Pearl Izumi jerseys on 3 of the 6 days. The Castelli one is great (race fit and comfortable) but very small in the shoulders and arms for those of us who are not stick armed pro riders. But I also like the moisture wicking fabric that PI uses in their jerseys as you don’t get sweat buildup–that particular jersey works well with the bibs as it is race fit so can show a bit of midriff with regular shorts. Probably more of a concern for women than men….

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