Automatic Bike Chain Lube System

Scottoiler Cycle S1

Something you never knew you needed has just hit Kickstarter–the Scottoiler Cycle S1 automatic chain lube system. Modeled after a similar system for motorbikes, the Cycle S1 automatically and continuously feeds lube onto your chain as you ride.

Why do you need an automatic chain lube system you ask? Traditional lube wears off as you ride and tends to attract gunk creating that wonderful black paste that gums up your drivetrain over time. By comparison, the lube that Scottoiler uses doesn’t need a degreaser or special solvent to remove–it simply comes off with water.

The Cycle S1 feeds this specialist non-stick lube onto your bike chain at select intervals. The flow rate can be adjusted at five different settings to suit the current riding conditions, the type of bike, or your preference, and only activates when you are riding. You get anywhere from 10.5 hours to 52 hours of riding time out of a full 38ml lube reservoir depending on the setting. The result is maximum power transmission, smoother shifting, and longer chain life–the company claims you will see up to a 12 watt improvement in power output during your ride.

Shockproof, mudproof, and waterproof, the Cycle S1 system will stand up to the rigors of mountain biking or even cross racing. Two AAA batteries deliver 200 hours of riding time and filled with fluid, the unit will add 210 grams to the weight of your bike. The system easily fits most bikes, and can be mounted in various different positions on the frame to suit your riding style or accessories choices. Similar in style to brake or gear cables, the automatic chain lube system tubing can be secured discreetly on your bike, and in some cases it is possible to fit the system with internal routing in the frame.

The one drawback apart from the obvious weight penalty is that the system only works with Scottoiler Speed Lube. Kind of like Nespresso coffee makers, once they got you to buy the Cycle S1, they have you for life. But for around $200, you never have to worry about lubing your chain again.

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