A Quick And Easy Way to Lube Your Chain

Lubri Disc

Say goodbye to piles of greasy rags, spilled chain lube, and dirty hands each time you head out for a ride. The Outsider Team from Germany have done it again with the new Lubri Disc lubricator wheel that eliminates the mess and the fuss associated with everyday chain maintenance.

Lubri Disc is a semi-soft lubricator wheel that with slight pressure applied, adapts to the shape of your bike chain, surrounds it, and lets the oil penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. An internal reservoir inside the microporous and fluid-conducting wheel stores any type of low to medium viscosity chain oil. Once filled, its capacity is sufficient to lube your bike chain up to ten times before requiring a refill.

The Lubri Disc works with all bicycle chains, is refillable, and has an unlimited life span. If (after many uses) the inner lubricator wheel has to be replaced – no problem. This part can be changed without having to buy a completely new Lubri Disc. The lubricator wheel is also biodegradable so you don’t have to feel bad about trading it out for a new one.

The team claims that by using the Lubri Disc, you consume 90% less chain lube than you normally would as it only releases the amount of lubricant your bike chain really needs. No oil flows into the rag, no oil splashes around. Supposedly the Lubri Disc is so awesome that the mechanics at Mikes Bikes use it in the shop.

You can pre-order your own Lubri Disc via Kickstarter. Prices start at 19 euros and delivery is expected sometime in July.

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