Joby Action Bike Mount Eliminates The Junk Show

Joby Action Bike Mount

There is only so much room on your handlebars for gadgets–lights, bike computer, and action camera all fighting for prime real estate. To help streamline your growing pile of accessories, Joby created the Action Bike Mount that accommodates multiple devices on a single platform, including lights for added visibility.

Three attachment points allow you to mount your GoPro or other action camera at any preferred shooting angle, top, front or back, while leaving room for your bike computer and other accessories–the mount accommodates any device with 1⁄4″-20 mounts (lights, Garmin bike computer, smartphone with GripTight, etc.). No tools are needed to attach or detach items.

The Action Bike Mount secures to either your handlebars or seat post and can easily detach to take with you when you leave your bike. The low-profile and rigid form factor fits any handlebar via the included inserts–from 22.2mm to 35mm size. This will cover most road, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, fixie, ATVs and even dirt bikes. For the weight weenies out there, the mount will add 95 grams to your setup. Carbon fiber Barfly this is not.

The Action Bike Mount & Light Pack includes front white light and rear red visibility lights–also secured with Joby’s 1/4″-20 attachment point. Designed for true flexibility, the lights may be attached to the mount or to another point on your bike via the included stretch bands. The lights turn on with a simple push of a button for single light or flashing mode and last up to eight hours.

The Action Bike Mount retails for $34.95 and includes the mount, 3 handlebar inserts, GoPro mount, and Garmin mount. Upgrade to the Action Bike Mount & Light Pack for $69.95. Both mount systems are available now.

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