The Most Durable Portable Charger

Dark Energy Poseidon

Destruction tested by Special Forces, the Poseidon from Dark Energy might just be the most durable portable charger you will ever find. Catering specifically to the outdoors, the Poseidon’s drop- and waterproof construction will withstand the harshest of environments.

With 10000 mAh internal capacity and two charging ports capable of a combined 3.4 amp output, the Poseidon provides you with enough power to charge your phone 3-6 times, a tablet 1-2 times, or an action camera 7-9 times. To make the portable charger both highly efficient and reliable, the team developed a new circuit board architecture to control the energy and reduce the stand-by drain on the battery.

The Poseidon weighs 07. pounds with a thickness of 0.67 inches–so not your lightest portable charger but probably one of the most durable. The portable charger was engineered to be both chemically and structurally sealed, making it waterproof inside and out.

Serving multiple purposes, the Poseidon features a built in flashlight and lantern run off of four high-powered LEDs, complete with SOS signaling capability. A nylon strap and carabiner allow you to hang the Poseidon on your backpack or in a tent.

Dark Energy takes their destruction-tested standard very seriously, as seen in the video below. The charger still works even after being shot at 38 times from 30 feet away.

The Dark Energy Poseidon comes in a both a Realtree camo and black color, and retails for $99. The package includes a water-resistant USB charging cable wrapped in twenty feet of paracord.

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  1. All well and good. But this seems to me like money and energy spent in the wrong place. Its usually not the battery that needs to be tough. It’s the smartphone, or camera that we fumble around with.

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