Never Tie Your Shoelaces Again

Xpand Lacing System

I will be the first to admit that I really hate tying shoelaces. I normally find ways to leave them loose enough so that I can just slip in and out of my shoes–not exactly conducive to a proper fit, especially for running. So when I heard about the Xpand Lacing System, I was all over it. No more bows, no more double knots, no more endless tying and untying.

The Xpand Lacing System consists of a pair of laces, lace anchors, and lace end clips. The laces themselves are made from a zero memory, long-lasting elastic rubber that delivers a consistent fit every day.

To install, you thread the laces through your shoes as normal, tighten to your desired fit, then thread the ends through the lace anchors. The anchors can be placed on the inside of your shoe for stealth mode, or on the outside of your shoe for a cool, athletic look. Once the laces are thread through the anchor, they will remain in place, stretching just enough to allow you to easily get in and out of your shoes. Clip the excess ends of the laces and if worn on the outside of your shoes, apply the lace end clips that give them a finished look and help with adjustability.

The lace anchors are manufactured from a fiber filled resin providing strength and preventing any breakage or warping. The end clips, if used, have multiple rows of teeth that clinch the laces. This allows you to pull as hard as you would like without the end clips separating from the laces. These end clips are also adjustable, meaning you can unlock them and re-lock them if you need to make shoelace length adjustments.

The Xpand Lacing System is designed with runners in mind but easy enough for a child to use.  You can pre-set the tension as tight as you would like, so will be able to set a snug fit on your sports shoes and a more relaxed fit on your casual shoes. You aren’t locked into the setting either–you can change it as you go.

The Xpand Lacing System comes in 24 different lace colors. You can pre-order a set for $8 over on the company’s Kickstarter campaign–they have already raised close to $500,000 on a modest $10,000 goal. I ordered a set of three to put in my Chucks and my running shoes. Expected delivery is in January.

  1. Looks like they may have the same problem that many of these laces suffer from, which is that the pressure will migrate from one part of the shoes to another during longer efforts.

    There are only two solutions I’ve seen that alleviate this problem: one is called Xtenex which I have been using for years and can wholeheartedly recommend and I can’t remember the name of the other one 🙂

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