Stay Organized With The SegSac

Gobi Gear SegSac

What’s better than a stuff sack for organizing all your gear? Why an organizational stuff sack of course. Gobi Gear created the SegSac–a stuff sack that keeps all your gear together in one place, yet separated at the same time. No more digging through your pack to find something or having to reorganize all your gear every time you unpack.

The SegSac features four internal compartments that are sewn to the bottom of the stuff sack so that your gear stays put in each section. The stuff sacks are made from an ultra-light yet durable fabric, weighing anywhere from 1.6 ounces to 3.8 ounces depending on size and style. They are water-resistant only–water will bead off the outside but these are by no means a dry bag replacement.

The SegSacs use a standard drawstring closure with a nylon handle at the back for quick and easy retrieval from your backpack. If you want to maximize your space, compression straps are available as an option.

The SegSacs come in two sizes–15 liters and 20 liters–and two styles–compression and regular. I would love to see them offer multiple colorways–it’s one thing to organize all your gear in stuff sacks but another to have to search every one to find what you are looking for at the moment.

I use stuff sacks often for organizing gear when traveling and personally pack by type–socks in one, hat and gloves in another, etc. I find when backpacking, you don’t really have the luxury of wearing something different everyday so stuff sacks just add weight. I can see the internal segments being great for normal travel if you want to pack your outfits each day and then have a separate compartment for dirty clothes each night. Or even on a bike tour/race where you organize each day’s kit and contain the resulting mess at the end of the day.

A few days remain of Gobi Gear’s already funded Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order your SegSacs for $20-$45. Expected delivery is March 2016.

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