A Customizable and Removable Saddle

Tatoo Saddle

Italian saddle maker Selle Royal came up with a way to not only keep your backside dry when it’s raining outside, but to also ensure your saddle never gets stolen. TA+TOO is a saddle system with a top that you can remove with one easy click in order to take with you. No more worries about theft, vandalism, or the elements.

The top of the TA+TOO saddle is padded with 3D Skingel for shock absorption and comfort, then finished with a soft touch cover. The base of the saddle remains bolted to your bike, while a useful rear grip handle can be added for easy carry or help parking your bike.

The top of the saddle is super easy to install–insert it from the rear, making sure that the two positioning tabs line up, then slide the seat forward into place. Underneath the saddle base, turn the clip system clockwise to secure the top into place. If you want to lock your saddle, simply pull out the clip system and remove the security key. Now no one can steal your saddle top while you head in to meet your friends.

The saddle base comes in black and you can choose between black or white rubber sides for added durability. You can also choose a black or white handle at the back, before picking from three fun colors for the top (lime green, blue, or orange).

The TA+TOO saddles retail for 80 euros and can be purchased from the company website.

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