GIR – A Smart Portable Coffee Grinder

GIR Grinder

While you may purposely seek to head outdoors and rough it for the weekend, there is absolutely no reason to skimp in the coffee department. This battery powered portable conical burr grinder will ensure your pour over tastes just as smooth at camp as it does at home.

The GIR Grinder features a stepless grind adjustment collar that controls the space between the 40mm ceramic burrs, enabling you to precision dial in your ideal grind, whether it be for french press coffee at camp or espresso at home. The burrs grind at a low RPM to minimize noise and heat transfer.

A digital LED timer dial lets you customize how long you want the grinder to run and therefore your dosage–you can even alter the setting mid grind. Once you have the grind you like, simply push in the button next time around and it will grind automatically.

The 1.5 cup-sized hopper lid locks in place with a silicone seal to help keep your beans fresh and protect them from spilling during transport. The 2-cup catch cup is treated with an anti-static coating to stop your grinds from clinging.

As with all new appliances these days, the grinder is connected. It can sense when your beans aren’t quite fresh enough to live up to your standards and will even place an Amazon or other coffee house subscription order when you are running low on beans.

The high performance LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries will grind up to 3 pounds of beans and hold a charge for more than two weeks.

The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the GIR Grinder sometime next month. No word on pricing just yet.

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