Bryton Adds WiFi and Navigation To Bike Computers

Bryton 530

At the Taipei International Cycle Show earlier this spring, Bryton announced two new bike computers–the Rider 330 and the Rider 530. With these two new models, Bryton adds some key functionality that was missing in the Rider 310–namely full wireless connectivity and navigation.

With both the Rider 330 and Rider 530 you will now be able to breadcrumb trail navigate three types of routes–one from your previous ride history, a route created in the Bryton app, or one from a .gpx file uploaded to the device. The devices also feature a digital compass to deliver turn-by-turn Follow Track features.

WiFi connectivity means your ride is automatically uploaded as soon as you finish your ride and are in range of your router at home and Bluetooth enables the device to connect to your phone for notifications and app control.

Similar to the Rider 310, the Rider 330 ($130) features a 1.8″ display, with 7 customizable data screens at 8 data field per page.  The Rider 530 ($180) gets a bigger 2.6” display that shows up to 12 data fields per page and is easier to read on a fast moving road bike.

The key Bryton’s bike computer appeal, apart from the more affordable price, lies in its battery life–over 30 hours of ride time (33 for the Rider 530 and 36 for the Rider 330). I used my Rider 310 in Sri Lanka on the century days as I knew my Garmin would run out of battery before the end of the day. I never had to worry about that with the Bryton. I could even use it for two long days in a row before having to charge it again–something that came in handy for the nights we were camping.

The new Bryton Rider bike computers will start shipping in the next few weeks.

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