UCO Elevates Their Lantern Game

UCO Madrona Hang-Out Lantern

For Spring ’17, UCO gets ready to introduce a whole new collection of outdoor lighting accessories. Dubbed Elevated Light, these versatile lanterns are easy to pack, simple to place, and cast a wide, adjustable dome of light right where you want it.

While headlamps are great for the trail, around camp they produce a harsh glare and narrow circles of light. As humans, we inherently expect light to come from above, like the sun or our lights at home. So in order to mimic a more cozy, indoor or sunlit environment, UCO focused on providing versatile methods for getting light overhead, in any scenario. The end result is Elevated Light, with 3 product lines that meet different needs: Wrap, Connect, and Lift.

Within the Wrap, Connect, Lift system, shock cord mounts are used to wrap lights high around branches, bars or guy lines for a snug fit. Magnetized models connect firmly to hang all over your campsite, and table-top lanterns with extension necks lift to light up your late-night card games.

Part of the Lift line, the Sitka lantern features an extendable arm, which raises the Super Bright LED light source from 12.5” to 26”, increasing the lighting area by four times. Raise the extension arm for reduced glare and fewer shadows, or keep it collapsed for softer, diffused lighting. The Sitka also features an infinity dial for a customized glow, as well as a leather carrying handle.

UCO Leschi

New options in the Wrap product line include the Leschi ($15) and Hyak ($30) lanterns, both of which collapse into flashlights and feature a shock cord mounting system. The Leschi is compact and extremely lightweight at just 1.6 oz. Its 110 lumens can project up to 400 feet, and one AA battery powers it for four hours. The Hyak is slightly larger and brighter at 180 lumens. It features four lighting modes: high, medium, low and strobe, and a cool can and bottle mount system lets you snap it onto the top of your beer or soda.

The first of four models in the Connect line is the Madrona ($40 – pictured top), a super bright, 300 lumen lantern that includes a removable magnetic puck and hanging cord in the base for quick and easy attachment. You can place the Madrona on a picnic table for traditional use, or elevate it to hang from a tent or tree. An infinity dial allows for fine tuning of light output so the glow is just right.

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