Drink From The Source With The MSR TrailShot

MSR Trail Shot

To meet the growing demand for water filters that let you drink instantly from the source, MSR created the ultralight TrailShot that delivers clean water on the go. The water filter fits in your pocket, and removes the harmful bacteria and protozoa as you drink, meaning you now have access to an all day water supply that’s weighs next to nothing.

Using the same hollow fiber technology as other MSR filters, the TrailShot filters water to the same standard. Note: it’s a filter, not a purifier like the Guardian Purifier, which removes viruses in addition to bacteria and protozoa. The TrailShot is suitable for filtering microscopic organisms out of just about any moving water source (the company advises against use in stagnant water). Weighing just 153 grams (5.4 ounces), the water filter folds up to the size of your fist, so will fit almost anywhere.

Unlike some other direct-from-the-source water filters, you don’t have to lie down in the dirt to drink thanks to a long intake tube. If this is the only water source you will have for a while or don’t want to constantly stop to drink, you can also use the TrailShot to fill up your bottles. With the tube end in the water, a simple squeezing action refills 1-liter bottles in just 60 seconds. You will get up to 2,000 liters of clean water over the course of the filter’s lifetime.

If you come across a particularly murky patch of water, a few shakes helps restore flow rates in the field–no tools required.

The MSR TrailShot will retail for $49.95 and most likely start shipping in Jan/Feb 2017 — in plenty of time for your spring and summer adventures next year.

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