Float Down the River in a Hammock


By far the most popular company at Outdoor Retailer Demo Day was Hammocraft, with a framework that attaches to your water vessel of choice and holds up to five hammocks. Now, you and four friends can float suspended down rivers, rapids, ocean swell, lakes, and slow rivers.

The Hammocraft features a high-quality aluminum and stainless steel frame, quick connections for easy setup and takedown, and a set of straps for attaching the frame to your floatable of choice. The frame is designed to sling up to 5 hammocks atop paddle boards, river rafts, even dry land – essentially wherever or whatever you dream up as a hammock dock.

The Hammocraft frame works with both inflatable and hard paddleboards. The Hammocraft frame fits on paddle boards that are longer than 9’6″, and rafts that are 14′ and longer. For kayaks, we recommend 10′ and longer. Note: you will need at least two paddleboards to float on.

The Hammocraft takes about five minutes to set up. It’s essentially mimics strapping your paddleboards onto a roof rack.

The Hammocraft frame has been tested and documented to hold 1,200 pounds in (4) hammocks. While the structural supports flex under static and dynamic weight, they straighten like a spring when the weight is released. The company recommends recommend a maximum of 800 lbs to hang at one time in the Hammocraft.

The company offers a variety of kits, components and accessories. For example, the full paddleboard kit comes with two paddleboards, four hammocks, the full framework (pipes and corners and all), and four cinch straps. Prices range from $995 for the frame to $4150 for a full raft kit — all available from the company website.

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