Salsa Introduces Line of Bike Packing Gear

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As the interest in bike packing continues to grow, Salsa gets set to introduce their own line of bike bags. Called the EXP Series, the line includes a frame pack, handlebar bag, top tube bag, and seat pack.

An injection-molded cradle, dubbed the Anything Cradle, uses forged aluminum arms to clap on to your handlebar. With the cradle in place, you can attach a dry bag and an easy-access pouch. The Anything Cradle with the dry bag will retail for $99.99 or you can add the pouch for $149.99.

Though not waterproof, the EXP Series TopTube Bag ($49.99) can be bolted to a variety of Salsa’s 2017 line of bikes that will come with the mount molded into the top tube. For all other bike owners, the TopTube pack will also come with straps for a universal fit.

Those out on multi-day trips will appreciate the EXP Cutthroat frame pack ($119.99). The pack is weather resistant with welded water-resistant zippers. There is an internal divider using a Velcro-like material that can separate gear. It also includes a D-ring that keeps a water bladder from sliding and compressing into the bottom of the bag. The frame pack features a non-driveside pocket to store maps, tools, phones, and other small items.

Completing the line is the EXP seat pack ($119.99). It uses a roll-type closure system that makes it easier to manage the amount of gear stuffed inside. A crisscross bungee cord across the top of the pack boosts the storage capability. The pack, with mounting tabs for a blinking light.

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