A Hammock-Specific Sleeping Pad

Klymit Hammock V

While sleeping in a hammock is pretty great, it’s not without its issues — namely the propensity to get cold from beneath, your sleeping pad slipping out at night, and being smothered in a cocoon, not able to see or speak to the people around you. Enter the Klymit Hammock V that not only adds warmth beneath you, but spreads out the hammock for a more comfortable slumber.

The Hammock V features Klymit’s signature body mapping technology and v-chamber design. The v-chamber design limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map optimized for performance and comfort. The sleeping pad has an r-value of 1.6 and side wings that offer wind protection, added warmth, and help spread the hammock. The Hammock V also features non-slip regions to keep the pad comfortably in place.

Lightweight and compact, the Hammock V is easy to pack and inflates faster than you can hang your hammock. Made out fo 20D polyester, the Hammock V quickly inflates in just 15-20 breaths, packs up small (4.5” x 9”), and weighs less than 27 ounces.

The Klymit Hammock V is available now and retails for $139.95.

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