Oakley Radar Pace Tell You To Go Faster

Oakley Radar Pace

Last week, Oakley finally released the pair of smart sunglasses that were first revealed at CES earlier this year. Designed in collaboration with Intel, the Radar Pace glasses work with an app on your phone to deliver a real-time, voice-activated coaching system that provides personalized and actionable instruction and motivation during the course of your workout, holding you accountable to a structured and dynamic training program.

The new Radar Pace glasses feature an audio headset plus an integrated microphone so you can listen to music, make and receive calls and texts via Bluetooth, and get information about your performance in real time to help you stay motivated.  You control the glasses via a hands-free conversational interface powered by Intel Real Speech. There is also a touch pad on the temples so you can use simple taps and swipes in order to adjust the volume, control music, and take calls from your paired phone.

Working with your external sensors, internal sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity, and proximity) and the Radar Pace app, the sunglasses collect and analyzes personal performance data (including power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace and distance) and deliver real-time, audio coaching. The virtual coach creates a training program specific to you and your chosen sport – knowing what you have accomplished to date and setting the goal for the next workout ahead. With feedback provided directly through the eyewear, Radar Pace helps you make real-time adjustments without fumbling with a phone or watch.

In terms of sunglasses performance, the Radar Pace feature the interchangeable Prizm — a lens technology that enhances detail and brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so you can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily. You also get a clear lens for use when mountain biking or trail running.

The Oakley Radar Pace smart sunglasses retail for $449 and are available now.

The coolest part of the product video below? I was actually riding up Hawk Hill as well when they were filming Craig Alexander doing the same. Wonder why they didn’t ask me to be in it? LOL.

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