Ruffit – A Baby Bjorn For Your Dog


We all wish we could take our dogs with us everywhere. Sometimes they are too small or too old to keep up on a long hike or bike ride, and sometimes they just can’t go someplace unless they are carried — like the back of your motorbike, scrambling up a mountainside, or even just touring around a crowded city. Enter the Ruffit Dog Carrier — a kind of Baby Bjorn for your furry friend that enables you to take him almost anywhere.

The Ruffit is an open air, forward-facing, customizable dog carrier. Your dog basically sits its buns and back legs inside the pouch, with a padded panel that runs along their stomach. Straps slip over your dogs shoulders and secure behind her neck, leaving her front legs free but rest of her body secure inside the carrier. Backpack straps on the front of the carrier enable you to carry your pup either in the front like a Baby Bjorn, or on your back like a backpack with your dog facing forward over your shoulder.

Ruffit inventor, Jonathan Rivera, got the idea while mountain biking with his dog, Mojo. Mojo stepped on a broken glass bottle that left him bleeding severely. In order to get his dog off the trail and quickly to a vet, Rivera pulled his shirt over his head to create a ‘cubby’ for him on his back. Thinking it would be great to have something to transport his dog this way on a daily basis for a variety of activities, Rivera set out to design a carrier that would reinvent the way we interact with our dogs each day.

Ruffit colors

As dogs come in various sizes, getting the right measurement is crucial to providing a comfortable and safe fit. The most important measurement is the length of the body. This measurement is from the base of the neck (collar position) to the base of the tail (where the tail starts). Once you have that measurement, you can choose from 4 different Ruffit sizes and 4 different colors.

The Ruffit Dog Carrier retails for $99 and can be ordered from the company website. Sadly, Lola is too big for even the XL size. Though I am not sure how comfortable (or safe) it would be to schlepp around 60 pounds of wiggling fur on my back. I am still holding out for Timbuk2 to make a Lola-sized Muttmover Backpack.

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