Air Lever Combines Tire Levers and Inflator

Barfly Air Lever

If you ride a bike, you know that changing a flat is inevitable at some point. And you also know that many of us are guilty of not having all the right tools with us on every ride. To make things easier and more efficient, Bar Fly combined the most needed tools for flat repair into one sleek, light, and reliable product. No more fumbling through you saddle bag, jersey pocket, or bag searching for your tire lever, CO2, and inflator.

The Air Lever is a combination of two tools you need on any bike ride — 2 tire levers and a CO2 inflator. While the Air Lever won’t prevent flats, it will make repairing them much quicker and easier.

The Air Lever weighs 50 grams all in, and works with both Schrader and Presta valves, and any tire — including tubeless. The threaded CO2 inflator accepts any threaded cartridge.

The Inflator head works by twisting the CO2 to inflate your tire. The rate and amount of air are regulated by twisting the CO2 for a faster or slower release of air into the tube.

Bar Fly built the product to work for ally types of cyclists — urban, road, MTB, CX, Gravel — basically anyone who may need to change a flat tire at some point.

You can pre-order your Air Lever for $24 over on Kickstarter. Bar Fly will start shipping them next month.

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