Cerevo RIDE-1 Bike Computer

Cerevo RIDE-1

CES starts next week, so the shiny new gadget news has started rolling in. At the show, Japanese networked device company Cerevo — short for Consumer Electronics Revolution — gets set to release their first bike computer. The RIDE-1 acts as a sort of go-between for your sensors and your phone, while adding some unique data to your ride.

RIDE-1 features a 9 axis sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT+, thermometer, barometer, and brightness sensors as well as GPS. The bike computer attaches to your frame and in addition to basic ride information such as route and speed, the device can capture the lean of your bike and record any impact.


Unlike regular bike computers, you don’t view the ride stats on the device. Instead, you pair it with your phone to see both real-time stats and logged ride data. When connected to the cell network, your friends (or coach) can follow your progress as well as see just how much you might be suffering. With ANT+ and even Bluetooth, you can connect most bike sensors, including lights. However, power meters will not be supported in the first iteration.

When you get home, WiFi enables you to upload your ride data to a computer or the web service provided by Cerevo. No word yet on whether this will automatically connect to Strava. The Micro USB rechargeable battery should last up to 15 hours before needing to be plugged in before your next ride.

The Cerevo RIDE-1 bike computer retails for $299 and will start shipping in January.

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