The 5-Second Dog Parka

5-second dog parka

It can be extremely difficult to wrestle Lola into a dog jacket or fleece — especially if it involves pushing her legs through sleeves. To make it easier on both you and your pet, the dog-loving folks over at World of Angus created the 5-Second Dog Parka. Regardless your dog’s size, the team says this is the world’s easiest and fastest fitting winter dog jacket.

Most jackets require your dog to lift his or her legs and awkwardly fit them through holes that may not properly fit. And as chest sizes vary dramatically from breed to breed, getting the right size can prove difficult. Lola knows that all too well when even her XXL taco costume didn’t fit around her chest.

The crew at World of Angus set out to design a jacket that had very few moving parts but still have the ability to be infinitely adaptable. So, the 5-Second Dog Parka features a self-adjusting neck, one waist clip, and Velcro sides. That’s it.

To fit, first slide the parka over your pup’s head. Adjust the midsection clip, smooth out the Velcro sides and you’re done.

The best part? Sizing is super easy — you just need one measurement from your dog’s neck to the base of their tail. The company guarantees the parka will fit, regardless of what shape, size, or breed they are.

The 5-Second Dog Parka is made from a durable, water- and snow-resistant shell. The top of the parks is filled with 100% Canadian goose down, while the contoured chest panel is filled with Thinsulate. This keeps your dog warm without restricting movement. And finally, the whole parka is lined with a soft and cozy microfleece, which wicks away moisture, keeping your pup dry and toasty, no matter how much running around they’re doing.

World of Angus is taking pre-orders for the 5-Second Dog Parka over on Kickstarter. For roughly $75, you can get your dog an early holiday present for 2017 (delivery is expected in June).

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