Lola Reviews Dog Gear From D-fa

D-fa Dog Gear

Last month, I wrote about New Zealand company D-fa and their great dog gear. Over the past few weeks, my dog Lola has been testing out the D-FD dog life jacket and the Sub-Woofer fleece lined dog coat that Angela Hook from D-fa gave me at Outdoor Retailer. 

The D-FD or Doggy Flotation Device is constructed from a Cordura outer layer and variable density foam panels strategically placed for flotation and to keep your dog stable and steady in the water. Segmented panels make the jacket easier to get on your dog and are cut to give her freedom of movement in the shoulders. A reflective handle on the back panel makes it easy to lift your dog out of the water in emergency situations and the reflective material doesn't cease to work when it gets wet.

I call my dog Lola the "reluctant labrador" because she doesn't naturally like to do all the things that normal labradors do such as fetching and swimming. I was hoping that with the D-FD, she would feel a bit more confident in the water and therefore be more willing to swim.

As you will see in the video, it took some coaxing for us to get the D-FD on her in the first place. The main reason for this is that the jacket looks very similar to her backpack which gets put on when she has to go to "work" picking up the mail before dinner every night. So she wasn't too keen on having to work while she was at the beach! 

After a few moments and a little ball coaxing, she finally got used to wearing the dog life jacket and loved it. She swam for short periods but went in more often than we have seen her before. The over the head construction of the D-FD with the buckles fastening on the back instead of the chest meant than the jacket didn't ride up on her neck as she swam. I wish human life jackets were made this way! 

I can't get over how well designed, well cut and well made is every item of D-fa dog gear, down to the last detail. Traditionally built Lola weighs around 68 pounds and a size large fits her absolutely perfectly. The D-FD will be a staple for Lola this summer up at the lake in Wisconsin and Tahoe. 

D-fa Dog Gear

The Sub-Woofer is a machine washable dog soft shell coat that is windproof and water resistant. The breathable, two-way stretch fabric helps your dog to maintain body temp in cold, wet conditions. Chest and belly panels keep your dog dry, clean and insulated. Again the cut away shoulder design here allows for free movement of the forelegs.  Light reflective piping makes the coat visible in the dark and two pockets along the back allow you to store poo bags, a leash, dog booties or other small items. 

Lola wore her Sub-Woofer while snowshoeing up at Lake Tahoe, her first trip to the snow. She absolutely loved both the snow and the dog coat! The fleece lining kept her warm while the water resistant outer kept her belly and chest dry and protected from the deep snow. It is the well thought out design details, such as the tail hook to keep the coat from shifting, that really make the D-fa dog gear. Lola regularly likes to wear her Sub-Woofer after a bath as well. 

You can purchase D-fa dog gear from their online store or at various retailers across the globe. Lola gives their gear a big tail wag and slobbery kisses!

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