Ski Logik Wood Veneer Ski Top

Colorado company Ski Logik manufactures high performance and strikingly beautiful snow skis. Every ski the company produces is a work of art, meaning no two skis are exactly alike. Each wood veneer ski top is hand designed by one of the founders and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd on the slopes. 

Ski Logik was founded by David Mazzarella. He had been designing skis out of the spare bedroom of his home for over 10 years. Not happy with the final product he received from existing ski manufacturers, he took the plunge and moved his family to China in order to set up his own factory. David took the best of the design and production methods he had seen and hired his own staff, created his own machinery and developed his own processes in order to produce nothing but high quality skis. 

The artistic ski top design is created by David's wife Mariella. An artist all her life, she is particularly inspired by ethnic and folk art. Mariella uses naturally colored wood veneers and other natural materials such as stone to add warmth and communicate her design vision. 95% of the wood used in Ski Logik snow skis is sustainably harvested. For every pair of skis sold, the company makes a donation to the Nature Conservancy to plant a tree in a reclaimed ecological preserve. 

Ski Logik is able to produce a few skis each day, all year round. The skis are constructed of a hardwood core, with quadraxial fiberglass and carbon fiber layers underneath the unique wood veneer ski top. A Clear Iron top coat goes over the veneer ski top to protect it from damage and keep it looking great for years to come. Steel edges and black locust sidewalls give you stiff edge control for cleaner carving.  

The various snow ski styles currently come in two categories: men's and women's all mountain Mountain Slayers and the rockered Avy Runners. Their biggest ski, the Depth Hoar, 143mm wide with a rockered tip and rockered tail is meant for skiing deep powder. The Rave is a high performance, all around twintip meant to ski everything from hard snow with excellent edge hold to steep, light powder. 

The skis range in price from $750 to $850 and can be bought from the company online store.

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  1. Wow, it is very unusual for companies nowadays to be making products that are all one-of-a-kind. This should make them very valuable to both skiers and collectors. It’s also great to know that the materials used were sustainably harvested, and that the skis work in multiple snow and hill conditions. However, seeing as these are art pieces, I’m not sure many of the folks buying them will want to actually use them on the slopes, but might simply hang them on a wall.

  2. I just saw and held the skis with the spider on them. I think they’re the all mountain. It was feather weight. And just beautiful. I want a pair! It felt like a ski tar would just rip! And get alot of looks. I want that pair.

  3. I just ordered a pair, and am getting custom designed artwork for only $100 extra. IMO, they are nuts for charging only $100 for custom anything. Sealing the deal was the Real Skiers and Freerider reviews on how the skis performed. The owner and I e-mailed a few times about various things, and the designer (Mariella) and I are modifying the artwork now. They are very responsive.

  4. Look great, don’t last. Mine fell apart after 18 days worth of skiing. Top sheet peeled away in numerous places, side wall developed an 8″ long crack where two pieces of the wood core began to separate. Manufacturer refused to replace them because I waited too long to bring them in. Perhaps they need to spend less time making a cool tops heet and make one that lasts.

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