Say Goodbye to Overheated Wine Outdoors

Hydro Flask Wine Bottle

You no longer need to buy bag wine when heading outdoors since for Fall 2017, Hydro Flask makes it easier to enjoy your favorite Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc almost anywhere with a new wine bottle and matching wine tumblers. The insulated and durable stainless steel design ease your worries of broken glass and overheated wine.

The double-wall insulated 25 oz Wine Bottle ($37.95) is made from pro-grade stainless steel so it won’t affect the taste of your wine, you don’t have to worry about it ever breaking during transport, and it protects the wine from both light and heat. There is nothing worse than drinking really hot wine that has been sitting in your pack all day. The leak proof cap is also insulted for extra protection to help keep your wine at the ideal temperature for hours. The opening is shaped so that it is not only easy to fill (the size fits an entire 750 ml bottle of wine), but also won’t drip all over the place when you pour it into your tumblers. Hydro Flask added a silicone base to the bottle into order to create traction for slippery surfaces and clank-free handling.

Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler

Enjoy wine anywhere with the double-wall insulated 10 oz Wine Tumbler ($29.95) lets you enjoy your wine anywhere that a regular wine glass would be highly inappropriate or dangerous — or even just at home if you want to keep your wine at the ideal temp for longer. The refined tulip-shape feels super comfortable in your hand and features an insulated press-in lid to reduce spills. A rounded no-drip lip mimics that of a regular wine glass and keeps you from dribbling all over yourself. Pro-grade stainless steel won’t retain or transfer flavors, and is tough for any adventure.

Both the tumbler and wine bottle come in five different colors so you can mix and match your favorites — my personal favorites are the raspberry and sage colors.

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