Pro-Bono in Support of the Environment

Basket Art House

There is no denying that the fate of the environment and access to the outdoors is absolutely key to the future success of the outdoor industry. Following the major political shift that stands to put the environment and our public lands in even more peril, players in the industry are banding together to take a stand — whether it be flexing their economic muscle against states like Utah or deciding to offer their services pro-bono to environmental non-profits that are on the frontline of this fight.

Darby Communications, an outdoor, fitness, and wellness public relations firm based in North Carolina, recently announced the Stand Up Initiative for 2017. The mission is to support environmentally focused non-profit organizations through Selected recipients will receive the support of a team of experienced PR professionals to assist with fundraising efforts, event promotions, and/or social media campaigns.

“The outdoors fuel our passions physically, mentally, and professionally. From the breathtaking National Parks to our favorite local watering hole, these beautiful landscapes provide the setting for enriching our lives. This wouldn’t be possible without the endless effort of organizations that fight to protect and preserve these landscapes keeping them pristine and in their natural state,” says Darby.

Darby will partner with four organizations, one per quarter, providing PR related services that include and are not limited to media and consumer outreach, event planning and promotion, social media campaigns, and digital ads. All interested parties can apply through March 15, 2017 through Darby’s Stand Up Initiative website.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Holstad, an apparel graphic designer at Patagonia, launched a new non-profit venture called Basket Art House. He has recruited a number of concerned designers and developers to offer pro bono creative services to environmental non profits. The team will offer a variety of services, including logo design, marketing material, and website development, to creating an open-source database of resources for environmental non-profits to access.

In an interview with Range Magazine, Holstad remarked, “Amidst growing political divide, national frustration, the echo chamber of a self-obsessed social media, and institutionalized climate denial, Basket will work as a radically positive not-for-profit creative studio resource for those environmental NGOs on the front lines of direct action. We are here to listen and help tell in your words. We will design your organization’s logo and your fundraiser tees, your website, posters, flyers and Powerpoint presentations.”

While the future of our environmental protection policy remains uncertain, it is great to see our industry auguring in for the fight.

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