Unique Hydration Pack Design from Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi Veloz

Taking a unique approach to hydration pack design, the new Cotopaxi Veloz revolves around a unisex harness system that’s optimized for comfort, support, and unrestricted movement. Meant for running, mountain biking, hiking, or simply exploring new terrain, this low-profile pack stays tight against your body.

The Veloz pack harness is made of thin, laminated straps that are completely integrated with the pack body. This system evenly distributes weight, eliminates the need for a waist belt, and naturally compresses the load. The straps connect at the center of your chest with a hook-and-webbing closure that locks everything in place — this eliminates any chafing or pressure points. Although the harness system looks comfortable on the guys, I am curious to see how this would fit on most women. It might look and feel a little awkward?

The pack itself is made from a 70 denier nylon shell with an external, built-in hydration sleeve and internal mesh pocket for storing keys, money, and your phone. The harness straps feature a hose retainer on either side and two zippered pockets for easy access to snacks or other essentials.

The Veloz hydration pack comes in a 6L (weigh 13 ounces) and 3L size (weighs 11 ounces), both with a 2L reservoir. The Veloz 6L adds an outer stuff pouch for your jacket, a sleeve for your bike light, and an extra zippered compartment.

For runners who may not want the full pack experience, Cotopaxi is also offering a waist belt with softflask that can carry everything you need in terms of hydration and fuel on short outings.

The Veloz packs come in two sizes — S/M and M/L — based on your chest size. As with all things Cotopaxi, the company is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders — $35 for the waist belt, $85 for the Veloz 3L, and $100 for the Veloz 6L.

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