The Lemon Peeler Sting-Ray is Back

Schwinn Lemon Peeler

If you ever wanted to own a 60s classic, now is your chance. In a limited run of 500 bikes, Schwinn brings back the Lemon Peeler, part of its iconic Sting-Ray family of bikes.

The Sting-Ray is one of the most popular and beloved bike designs from Schwinn. Featured in movies such as On Any Sunday owned by classic bike collectors like Robin Williams, the Sting-Ray was the inspiration of Schwinn employee Al Fritz. In the early 60s, kids in LA regularly modified old Schwinn frames to look more like choppers. Fritz decided to design a bike to give the kids exactly what they want.

In their first year of production, Schwinn sold almost 50,000 Sting-Rays at $50 each. The bikes quickly became synonymous with the brand and childhood — the Lemon Peeler was the bright yellow favorite among kids.

The new Lemon Peeler looks just like it’s 1960s cousin – equipped with a striped banana seat, fenders, and a coaster brake. The limited edition Lemon Peeler will feature a spring suspension fork, a Schwinn 16-inch front wheel and a 20-inch Sting-Ray Slik rear tire just like its original counterpart.

Each bike will come with a numbered certificate, and once they are gone, they are gone. The bikes will be available from Amazon for a limited time for $349.99.

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